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Kendall Corridor Development

  • Partner: Kingdom RJ Holdings

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Falcon Americas Group and Kingdom R.J. Holdings Group have formed a partnership for the purpose of doing a major development project together. Falcon Americas Group is a global investment-banking firm that provides wide-ranging financial services to an extensive and multifaceted client base. Kingdom R.J. Holdings Group is Florida-based real estate Developer and Management Company. Falcon Americas and Kingdom R.J. Holdings are developing a 619- acre parcel of land for residential use. The project is named the Kendall Corridor Development and is located in a prime area flourishing with tropical growth and topography within South Florida’s Miami Dade County.

Miami’s location makes the city a front-runner for international trade, finance and entertainment with its international airport serving as the busiest hub for those entering the U.S. from Latin America. This airport is the most expansive airline center in the United States, linking those travelling between Europe, North America and Latin America. The Port of Miami is the main center for cargo being shipped between American, Caribbean and Latin American markets and more.

This residential development will provide a wonderful place for people to live, work and be entertained in an environment known for its natural beauty and all that goes with it. The landscaping will include beautiful courtyards with abundant recreational areas. There will be public components for communal gatherings and retail businesses. The project is divided into two distinct developments, Kendall Corridor North and Kendall Corridor South.

The development for Kendall corridor North is comprised of 154 acres with 925 homes ranging in price from $250K to $500K. The homes are made up of a variety of two-story townhouses, single-family homes and multi-story residential complexes. The development for Kendall Corridor South is comprised of 465 acres with 1,600 homes ranging in price from $400K to $1M. These homes are designed as high-end luxury estates. Residents of Kendall Corridor South will also enjoy the convenience of shopping centers, a school and beautifully landscaped recreational areas.